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Custom Engineering

Integrity Instruments has custom engineered both hardware and software to meet our customers needs. Custom products have ranged from small specialty hardware and software requirements, to large scale hardware and software applications. Here are a few samples of our custom engineered solutions:

Custom Engineered RS232 Data Acquistion

Data acquisition modules with double PWM outputs synchronized to 60
cycle line for motor phase control. Special software and hardware was
required to synchronous to the 60 Hz power source.

Custom Engineered RS232 Data Acquistion

Data acquisition modules “piggybacked” to fit in OEM equipment where space was a premium. Units are spaced one inch in the stack allowing a compact multi module made to customer specifications.

Custom Engineered RS232 to RS485 Converter

Custom labeled data converters with special customer hardware requirements. This unit operates on 48 VDC so it can be powered directly from the customers special power source. Additional noise filtering was also provided.

Custom Engineered RS422 to TTL Converter

Modularized data converters for video matrix data transmission. This special unit contains 42 TTL to RS-422 converters. All I/O is through DB37 connectors to mate to the customers existing equipment. Indicators were provided to show data flow on each channel.

Custom Engineered RS232 to RS422 Converter

Custom data converter hardware configurations for implementation into customers products. Mounted directly into the customers equipment making an integrated unit for their applications.

Custom Engineered Real Time Event Monitor

Real time event monitoring via inputs responding with time stamp data. When triggered unit sends out a 16 bit sequence number, and time stamp data to hundreths accuracy to the customers monitoring system.