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Integrity Instruments is the world leader in RS-485 communications technology with nearly 2500 loyal customers in 69 countries worldwide. Currently we have over 125 different product offerings with distributors across the globe. Our name says it all - Integrity. We stand behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty that our competitors can't touch. Our customers have come to depend on our technology in the most demanding applications in the most harsh environments. Long after the competition takes its place in the landfill, Integrity Instruments equipment continues to run reliably.

Integrity Instruments has been committed to a policy to provide safe working conditions, and environmental responsibility since its inception. It is important to lessen the environmental impact of potential pollutants and at the same time meet customers' increasing demands for environmentally compatible products.

Our policy was established to ensure that materials are handled both economically and sensibly. A program was implemented to make our products RoHS compliant while adhering to our technical requirements and demanding quality standards.

As our program proceeds, RoHS products will be made available to our customers in a timely and professional fashion, and we will continue in our efforts to be environmentally conscious.

Compliance Certificate

Compliance Program


Integrity Instruments was originally founded in 1996 under the name Integrity Designs. Much like today, the goal was to design and manufacture the most reliable products using proven technology that is both reliable and robust. We were the first company to introduce an opto-isolated RS-232 to RS-485 protocol converter housed entirely within a DB9 back shell. We continue that level of innovation today with new products being released several times per year.


The management team at Integrity Instruments brings a wealth of industrial, commercial and military applications experience.

Neil Kempka: General Manager, COO

Neil has well over 30 years of industrial and commercial experience in automated controls and SCADA systems. He is responsible for all day-to-day operations at Integrity Instruments as well as heading up the production facilities.