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RS485 Repeater

We designed the 485-RPT auto-enabled 2-wire microprocessor controlled RS485 repeater to provide error free data communications via an RS485 link. The RS485 drivers are enable controlled automatically using an on board microprocessor, providing fast multi-drop capability for a variety of applications using the single pair RS485 differential signals.

Extend the RS485 beyond the 4,000 feet limitation, or whenever there is a need to “boost” the RS485 signal.

Model Interface Style Distance Temperature Documentation Price
485-RPT RS485 Terminal Blocks 4000+ Feet -40°C to +85°C $99.00

Model 485-RPT

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Specifications - Standard Grade RS485 Converters
Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
RS485 Connections 5 position 5.08mm spaced terminal block
one twisted pair wiring A/B signals
Distance 4000 feet
Speed 600 BPS to 115200 BPS
Signal Settings RS485 Data
Transmit Turn Around Less than 2ms (transmit to receive turn-around)
Protection Reverse Polarity diode protection (both sides)
Nodes 255 nodes on a single twisted pair
EMI Low EMI RS485 driver
Termination On Board jumper selectable (both sides)
Status LED's Yellow power indicator
Red transmit 232 to 485
Green receive from 485 to 232
Power Requirements 7.5VDC to 24VDC, 45 ma nominal (250 ma dead short) Our PS9CST