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Addressable RS485 Module

RS485 to RS232 addressable converter with DB25 connector and terminal strip for RS485 connections.

The 485-ADR converter provides an easy way to build a network of devices out of existing RS232 equipment. These units provide both Transmit and receive buffering of RS232 data and a full 16 bit CRC checksum for the RS485 network packet error detection. RS232 and RS485 baud rates are individually selected and can support differing baud rates.

The packet protocol used on the RS485 communication side is modeled after the ModBus protocol, and can detect duplicate packets in a case where the acknowledge packet from the Send RS232 Data becomes corrupted.

Parameters are configured through a dedicated Debug/Configuration port. All programmed parameters are stored on non-volatile memory. The unit parameters are set using a dumb terminal program, such as EZ-Terminal. When this unit is not in configuration mode, this dedicated port is used to dump debug information. This information includes, RS485 Packet Received, RS485 Packet Sent, RS232 data sent, parity error, etc.

The 485-ADRPM unit is required to set parameters to the 485-ADR.

Model Interface Style Distance Temperature Documentation Price
485-ADR RS485 to RS232 DB-25 RS485 4000 Ft 0°C to +70°C $220.00

Model 485-ADR

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Specifications - Standard Grade RS485 Converters
Microprocessor Rabbit 2000
Baud Rate The 485-ADR allows independent RS232 and RS485 baud rates
110-115200 BPS
RS485: 110-115200 BPS
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
Signal Settings Configured via monitor port. Use the 485-ADRPM to configure the 485-ADR (included). No jumpers, soldering, or resistor/capacitor replacement.
Status LED's 1 Bicolor RS232 Signal LED
1 Bicolor RS485 Signal LED
1 Bicolor Unit Operation Status LED
PC Comport Flow Control Settings The RS232 port supports the most popular formats. Those formats includ 7 or 8 bit byte frames, 1 or 2 stop bits. "Even, Odd, or No" parity, and RTC/CTS hardware flow control.
RS232 Connection DB25 female
DB9 female (each package includes a DB25-DB9 adapter)
RS485 Connection .200" spaced terminal block.
One twisted pair wiring A/B signals
Distance RS232: 50 Feet
RS485: 4000 Feet
EMI Low EMI RS485 driver
Linear Technologies LTC1487
Nodes 255 nodes on a single twisted pair
Linear Technologies LTC1487
Termination Jumpers to enable and disable active/passive termination
Power Requirements 7.5VDC - 24VDC, usage 200 ma. nominal (250 ma. dead short) Note: If your power source exceeds the rated voltage of our converter we now offer the option of extending that voltage range (up to 60 VDC) with the PWR-ADPT add-on adapter