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Standard Grade RS485 Converters

Integrity Instruments designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced RS485 converters available providing error free half-duplex data communication utilizing the standard RS485 protocol. All Integrity Instruments RS485 converters are rated for industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C).

RS485 converter features for 485-9EL and 485-25EL:
• Microprocessor controlled
• Fully automatic and auto speed sensing (no DIP switches)
• LED indicators for: power, TX data, and RX data
• Jumper selectable RS485 termination

RS485 converter features for 485-25AL:
• RTS enabled flow control RS485 transmit
• LED indicators for: power, TX data, and RX data
• Jumper selectable RS485 termination

Model Interface Style Flow Control Temperature Documentation Price
485-9EL RS232 to RS485 DB-9 Auto-Enabled -40°C to +85°C $49.00 addtocart
485-25EL RS232 to RS485 DB-25 Auto-Enabled -40°C to +85°C $49.00 addtocart
485-25AL RS232 to RS485 DB-25 RTS Enabled -40°C to +85°C $49.00 addtocart
Model 485-9EL

Model 485-25EL

Model 485-25AL

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Specifications - Standard Grade RS485 Converters
Distance 1200 Meters
RS485 Connection 5 position screw clamp terminal block (+V, GND, Shield, A, B)
one twisted pair wiring A/B signals
485-25xx Terminal Screw Clamp 5.08mm spacing
485-9xx Terminal Screw Clamp 3.5mm spacing
Data Rates 600 bps to 115200 bps
Signal Settings Auto-Enabled (Models 485-9EL and 485-25EL)
RTS Controlled (Model 485-25AL) (note: rts/cts, dtr/dsr loopback provided)
Transmit Turnaround One byte time at chosen baud rate (Models 485-25EL and 485-9EL see manual)
Less than 2 μs (Model 485-25AL)
Termination Jumper Selectable
EMI Low EMI RS485 driver
Protection Reverse polarity diode protection
Status LED's Yellow Power LED, Bi-Color Green/Red Transmit/Recieve
Power Requirements 7.5 VDC to 24 VDC 45 ma nominal (250 ma dead short) Our PS9J