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Standard Grade RS422 Converters

IIntegrity Instruments designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced RS422 converters available providing error free full-duplex data communication utilizing the standard RS422 protocol. All Integrity Instruments RS422 converters are rated for industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C).

RS422 converter features for 422-25AL:
• LED indicators for: power, TX data, and RX data
• Built in termination on TX and RX lines

Model Interface Style Flow Control Temperature Documentation Price
422-25AL RS232 to RS422 DB-25 None Required -40°C to +85°C $49.00

Model 485-25AL

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Specifications - Standard Grade RS485 Converters
Distance 1200 Meters
RS422 Connection 7 position screw clamp terminal block
(+V, GND, Shield, TX+, TX-, Rx+, Rx-)
Two twisted pair wiring TX+, TX-, Rx+, RX- signals
422-25AL Terminal Screw Clamp 5.08mm spacing
Data Rates 600 bps to 115200 bps
Termination Built in
EMI Low EMI RS422 driver
Protection Reverse polarity diode protection
Status LED's Yellow Power, Red Transmit, Green Receive
Power Requirements 7.5 VDC to 24 VDC 45 ma nominal (250 ma dead short) Our PS9J