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Remote Contact Extenders, 485M4AOLT daq & Counters

Integrity Instruments Remote Contact Extender consists of two units, a master and a slave, connected with two wires using RS485 communication. Each unit has 8 digital inputs and outputs. When an input is turned on, a corresponding output is turned on at the opposite unit. If there is a communication failure, all outputs are turned off.

Integrity counter modules have 16 counters which require a 5 volt input to count. The count rate is 2KC. The counters can be reset individually, or all counters can be reset with a master reset command. Availiable as an open unit,or enclosed.

Integrity Instruments model 485M4AOLT daq unit has 16 digital I/O with led indicators, 2 counter inputs with led indicators, and 16 analog input with 3 terminals for each input. All terminals are 5.08mm 35 degree screw clamp terminals. All analog inputs are selectable for straight input 0 to 5VDC, straight input 0 to 10 VDC or stright input 0 to 5 VDC with .1% 10K resistor to plus 5 volt for use with RTD. In addition the positive terminal for each input is selectable for 12 VDC or 5 VDC.1% regulated. The 12 volt allows powered sensors to be used. All inputs can be configured for any combination desired. Communication can be RS-485 or RS232. See manual for more details.

Model Interface Style Enclosure Temperature Documentation Price
RCE1 RS485 Terminals DB-25 No 0°C to +70°C $190.00 addtocart
RCE1E RS485 Terminals DB-25 Yes 0°C to +70°C $220.00 addtocart
232M300CE-CNT RS232 DB-25 Yes 0°C to +70°C $130.00 addtocart
232M300CT-CNT RS232 DB-25 No 0°C to +70°C $95.00 addtocart
485M4AOLT RS485/RS232 Terminals DB-9 No -40°C to +85°C $610.00 addtocart
Model RCE1

Model RCE1E

Model 232M33-CNT

Model 485M4AOLT

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Specifications - Other Data Acquisition Products
Distance 4,000 feet RCE unit, and 485M4AOLT in RS-485 mode
RS485 Connection RCE 5 position screw clamp terminal block)
one twisted pair wiring.
Data Rates Counter 9600 bps to 115200 bps RCE 115200bps 485M4AOLT 9600bps
Protection Reverse polarity diode protection
Status LED's LED, Bi-Color
Power Requirements 7.5 VDC to 24 VDC 45 ma nominal (250 ma dead short) Our PS9J For Counter, Our PS9CST For RCE Units 485M4AOLT +12VDC