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U.S. Contact Info
Integrity Instruments, Inc.
2642 20th Ave. SW
P.O. Box 451
Pine River, MN 56474

Order Phone: 800-450-2001
Fax Phone: 218-587-3414
Tech. Phone: 218-587-3120
Canada Contact Info
Order Phone: 800-653-5172
Fax Phone: 800-653-5178
Tech. Phone: 218-587-3120
All Integrity Instruments products are guaranteed against defective workmanship and components for the life of the unit. See Lifetime Warranty details here.

Assembled in USA
Assembled in USA

RoHS Compliance
Our Commitment
Our goal is to provide the best electronics and software solutions to the worldwide engineering community. The rugged and reliable nature of our products is based on proven technology that has been refined over several years and thousands of installations. 

Let our staff of highly talented and experienced engineers help you rapidly develop your custom software and hardware to meet your needs. You can get prototypes as fast as two weeks! Software or hardware for your special application requirements is available at a competitive price and quick turnaround time. See some of our custom engineering here.
Featured Products
USB-485 converter

USB RS-485 Converters

Robust and easy-to-use USB to RS-485 protocol conversion. USB powered with transient spike supression.

Model SDB9F DB9 Terminal Board

D-Sub Terminal Boards

DB9, DB15, and DB25 D-Sub terminal breakout boards

Our Free Data Acquisition Software
Data Acquistion Software 
  • Free data logging and module setup software
  • Supports all Integrity Instruments data acquisition modules.
  • Supports continuous 60 Kbytes/sec data stream with USBM400 Modules

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